Game Patch Creator (GPC) is our exclusive game patching software available for Windows. GPC allows you to create a professional patching system for your game developments whether your game is made with Unity, Unreal, Fusion 2.5, Construct, Godot or RPG Maker.


WYSIWYG Live Editor
Edit the look of your custom patcher including the splash screen and main patching screen including text strings and progress bars.

Game Versioning
Our patching software allows your game to host multiple versions for your development. You can choose to always have the latest version installed or have it dynamic where you can send a CLI parameter to force-install a different version, or both.

Want to offer more than one hosting server for your patching? GPC allows for this. You can define a number of servers for your users to choose to download from for the quickest patch downloads.

Cloud Based or Local
You can either ship your patcher with your game with local files or have the entire thing online on your server. You simply define the URL in a CLI parameter to your executable and the patcher will do the rest!

Deploy Instantly
You can choose to deploy instantly, have roll-back versions and much, much more.

Too many features
There are just FAR too many features for us to list here. Head over to the patch feature overview and take a look for yourself!

Game Launcher Compatible
Patchers created with GPC are 100% fully compatible with Game Launcher Creator launchers!

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Game Patch Creator

“Create a professional patching system for your game and app developments with Game Patch Creator!”

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